The girl understood the meaning of the young man as soon as she heard it. Now the shop manager's salary is not cheap. "I didn't get a ticket for the bullet train, not even for the hard seat." The girl spread out her hands. It seemed that she was talking about it. Imperceptibly, the sun has set Xishan, leaving only red clouds hovering in the sky. "I don't think you have anything to eat." "I never eat on the train, which has been a habit for many years, but I didn't expect to sit so long this time." "How can I do that?" The boy took out two buckets of noodles from his backpack. "You wait, I'll take it." "Really not. I don't eat it." The young man took two buckets of noodles and went out. The young man took two buckets of noodles and went out. Looking at the young man squeezing left and right in the crowd, there was something in the girl's heart that she couldn't say. All these years, she cares about others. No one cares about her so much. After a while the young man came back with two buckets of hot noodles. "Eat." "I really don't eat it." The girl didn't eat the bucket of noodles after all. Maybe she didn't know how much the bowl of noodles she pushed back upset the young man. "Oh, you don't like noodles. I have snacks in my backpack." The young man took out a lot of snacks from his backpack. "You are so careful. Your girlfriend must be very happy!" The young man grabbed his head. "I, I haven't."